Thursday, June 25, 2009

where every man walks out an animal...

unassuming store front, minimal decor on the walls, a splatter of a few tables on the restaurant floor. a very understated restaurant at first glance. yet to much surprise, their menu packs the punch with every animalistic dish they serve. the restaurant has its own napoleon complex of sorts, but an attitude that's rightly justified by what it offers.

for everyone on south beach or atkins, this is the place to be. with the hero of their menu being protein, you'll find everything from pork ears and veal brains to rabbit loins and the ever-so delicate spam. the waiter will tell you to order everything that contains pork belly and foie gras. at first you think it's a ploy to get you to spend all your money, but you realize that he was genuinely looking out for your best interest. every bite increases your carnivorous desires and makes you hunger for more and more. midway through the meal, the waiter brought out a plate of vegetables which helps calm the animal instincts at first but is soon overcome by your overbearing need to feast on more meat.

in the end, you're glazed over from the high you just got from all that you have just consumed. despite the few scratches and bite marks you got from your hungry peers, you walk out satisfied and empowered knowing that you that you are the shit of the animal kingdom. cheers to the circle of life.

the carnivorous adventure... animal

crispy hominy w/ lime

pig ear, chili, lime, fried farm egg

bbq pork belly sliders w/ slaw

foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy

poutine, oxtail gravy w/ cheddar

braised pork shoulder ravioli, porcini, sage and brown butter

foie gras loco moco, spam, hamburger and fried quail egg

zucchini, tomatoes, pine nuts and parm cheese

balsamic pork ribs

halibut, king crab, corn, gold rice, tabasco butter

tres leches cake w/ dulce de leche
panna cotta w/ cherry jam

its no wonder vinny and jon won food & wine's 2009 best new chefs award. well deserved.

435 n. fairfax ave
los angeles, ca 90036
(323) 782-9225

bon appétit~!


  1. OMG!! my kind of place! I love pig ears and pork belly..

  2. Ah, I've been wanting to visit Aminal and your review is pushing me closer. It reminds me a bit of the all-piggie Cochon in New Orleans.

  3. Omg!! Did you guys actually order all this?

  4. The food photography is beautiful - can't wait to try the recipes you've posted!