Saturday, March 14, 2009

corned beef and cabbage

if you guys have ever talked to me in person about food, i most likely have talked your ear off about how i love my crockpot. i may have even bought one for you as a gift (hi sister!). i love love love my crockpot and recommend it to everyone! its a small investment for fall-off-the-bone-super-easy-one-pot-wonder-delicious food.

this weekend i used my beloved crockpot to make corned beef and cabbage. its so super easy, its like not even funny. i totally cheated and bought marinated corned beef from trader joe's. i hear costco sells them marinated as well. if you want to be a chef, then try marinating it yourself with alton's recipe.
corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker
1 corned beef round from trader joe's
2 cups of water
6 medium russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
6 medium carrots, peeled and cut into 1.5 inch pieces
1/2 head of cabbage, cut into 2x2 wedges

check out all the spices and herbs. if you make this regularyly, i recommend investing in all the spices to marinate yourself. butttttttttt if youre like me and corned beef is a once a year thing...then just go semi-homemade.

so throw the brisket in your slow cooker and add water. set on high for 3 hours or low for 5-6 hours. set it and forget it! (sorry, i couldnt help myself). at the last hour, throw in your carrots and potatoes. and the last 30 mins, throw in the cabbage.
remove the brisket from the slow cooker and slice thin, discard all the seasoning. serve with the veggies and green beer =) leave yourself some leftovers for HASH!!

happy st. patty's day and happy birthday to my dear friend kiki!!! (i miss you! when i was making this, i totally thought about how your mom made this on your bday when we were in elementary school!!)

bon appétit~!


  1. yum! i can't wait to try TJ's brand!

  2. holy crappanoli!! i am so making this!!! i stole my sister's crock pot and have been trying to find recipes for it.. so far all the recipes i've tried started with "open a can of... and then add a can of........."

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!! I'm gonna try one of your meals and let you know how it turns out since I have someone to cook for, we'll see for how long. He's greedy and will eat anything so it should turn out pretty good. I miss and love you! Hurry up and plan a trip to atl, there are asian people sprinkled around the city so you won't feel uncomfortable. ;-)

  4. thanks for give me the dinner for tonight, you know I try to prepare somethin that be healthy and delicious, and this is the perfect option.