Sunday, March 15, 2009

left over corned beef...hash it!

the best part of corned beef? the HASH!! maybe its because i'm an egg slut or its all those crispy brown bits, but i enjoy the hash so much more! this is even easier than actually making the corned beef.

corned beef hash
2 cups left over corned beef and veggies, diced
2 eggs, poached

heat your pan to medium-high heat and add a thin coat of olive oil.

dice your leftovers beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. the size of your dice is completely up to you. i like tiny pieces because i believe with all my heart and soul, food taste better with more surface area. but some ppl like their hash with big chuncks and this recipe works the same both ways.

when the pan is hot, throw your diced mixture of meat and veggies into the pan. lube the bottom of another pot and place directly on top of the mixture. press it down so the hash will brown, about 2 mins. the pressure of the pot will make a slight sizzle sound and your mouth should water at this point. stir the hash and repeat with the pressure until you reach your desired brownness. the hash is already been cooked so its really all about browning.

when its done and you've plated your hash, top it with a poached egg. season with freshly cracked pepper and enjoy.

bon appétit~!


  1. I think this is exactly what I will do with my leftovers. It looks amazing!

  2. That is a nice looking breakfast!